All for a wall

Yes! Am I one of many people who thinks our President Donald Trump is out of his mind? First of all, it intrigues me that one of the hardest workers in the United States are Mexicans. I believe it is not fair for these “human beings” to be treated the way the are being treated. It is a very crucial situation, because due to these new immigration preferences it is affecting families unfairly. A lot of federal state employees are being affected by this non sense idea of a wall, because the government has been shut down. For most, there is thousands of single parents , which also depend on food stamps , to provide for their children. Also this could lead to more problems. In conclusion, is this all for a wall.

The Unknown

Her heart is broken, from all the shattered arteries.-
It is gold, though people want to own it as silver.
Her eyes are a reflection of what she feels.-
Even on the darkest night, it she is so thrilling.
She pays attention, but her ears dont let her listen.
Her body is art, though she has not found
one who can illustrate the art.
Her mind is infinite like a road to heaven, with a bright light to see.
She has youth, glowing skin & knows that by
time cells renew through out the ages.
Her experiences each day will either
withdraw or unbalance her, but
she manages to have the available strength to
overdraft the positive.
She is true meaning of simplicity, yet
her soul is intricated, intense.
She is a star, but has not applied her talents in order
to rock.
She is beauty, she is pain, she is a flower
that blooms, but her petals wont stay!.
The unknown is to be yet discovered by a phenomenal soul